Implant Restorations

Palo Alto Dental Implant Restorations

Stable, Permanent Restorations for Missing Teeth

While traditional dentures provide a solution for missing teeth, they don’t offer the stability and natural feel of your own teeth. This problem can be solved with restorations that are held in place by dental implants. At Phillip Fletcher DDS, we offer implant restorations in Palo Alto with treatment that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual.

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Benefits of Implant Restorations

When natural teeth are lost, it has an impact on your appearance, the function of your teeth, and your overall oral health. Missing teeth can cause the bone and tissues to shrink, which creates a sunken appearance around the cheeks and mouth. Implant restorations can replace your missing teeth and help maintain the strength of your jawbone.

Implant restorations help to:

  • Provide stable replacement teeth
  • Restore the chewing function of your teeth
  • Allow you to enjoy your favorite foods
  • Enhance appearance
  • Prevent bone loss

Dental implants are a versatile restoration that can be used to replace a single missing tooth, to hold a fixed bridge in place, or a full set of dentures. We offer implant restorations in Palo Alto that look, feel, and function like your own natural teeth.

All-On-4 Restorations

All-On-4 provides a stable restoration for people who have lost a full arch of teeth. The procedure can be used to replace an entire upper or lower arch of teeth and create a stable, permanent, and natural looking alternative to traditional dentures. Rather than using an implant to replace each tooth, this procedure holds the full arch in place with only four dental implants.

People are choosing All-On-4 because:

  • A full set of teeth can be replaced with one restoration
  • The implants create a stable restoration
  • Your new teeth won’t shift or slide
  • The procedure is less expensive than replacing each individual tooth

We consider every aspect of your oral health to determine if this procedure is right for you. In order to have implant restorations in Palo Alto, you need to have sufficient bone to hold the implant in place. After the implants are placed and healed, the restoration is attached, and you can start enjoying your new teeth.

Understanding the Procedure

The first step in the process of implant restorations in Palo Alto is to have the implants placed. We work with specialists who have a high level of skill and have devoted many years to honing their craft to ensure that our patients always receive exceptional treatment. After the implants have been placed and healed, you return to our office for your restorations.

How Do I Care For My Dental Implants?

Preventative maintenance is a crucial part of caring for your dental implants. It is recommended that you brush at least twice a day, using a toothbrush with soft bristles. It is also important to use a small interdental brush and floss regularly. Avoid chewing or biting down on hard foods that could potentially damage your dental implants.

As a service to our patients, we handle the insurance claim process to help you get the maximum benefit from your insurance for your implant restorations. In addition, payment plans are available through Care Credit to make the highest level of dental care affordable for our patients.

Please call our office at (650) 456-7872 to schedule an appointment to learn if Palo Alto dental implant restorations are right for you.

Patient Testimonials

Opinions That Matter the Most
  • I Felt Completely Safe

    “I felt completely safe in the environment of Dr. Fletcher‘s dental office. These guys are professional in every way and very friendly individuals.”

    - Joanna H.
  • You Are the Priority

    “Happy welcoming staff, it’s a pleasure to be in a place where everyone works as a well-coordinated team. You really feel like you’re part of a great operation where you are the priority. I love this place and have been coming here for years.”

    - Wendell S.
  • Completely Pain Free

    “They kept me informed ‘step by step’ of the whole procedure, with what to expect and what they were doing in real-time. While the whole procedure was completely pain-free, Dr. Fletcher regularly checked-in with me regarding my comfort level.”

    - Simon B.

Why Choose Phillip Fletcher DDS?

  • Holistic Dental Solutions

    Our comprehensive exams allow us to monitor all aspects of your oral health. Our ultimate goal is to preserve your healthy smile.

  • Data-Driven Approach


    Our dental experts gather baseline data about each patient. This helps us monitor improvements or make recommendations to prevent dental problems.


  • Highly Trained Team

    We value education, therefore our team has gone above and beyond by receiving extra training, in order to handle all dental needs.

  • Patient-Focused Treatments

    Our smile specialists will create unique treatment plans that are focused on prevention and minimal intervention